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from Archbishop John Wilson

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St Mary Magdalen church is open for Mass with a congregation
on Sundays at 9.30 and 11 am and at 6.30pm,
on Mondays at 9.30 am, is closed each Tuesday and has 
Mass from Wednesday to Saturday at 9.30 am
or as detailed in the newsletter. 

Please note the church and Office are closed on Tuesdays.

Our Bishops’ Conference have recently written a clarification
on what is known as "our Sunday Obligation" ...  

An invitation from the Bishops of England and Wales

Approved by the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops’ Conference Friday 6 May 2022)

This is the bread come down from heaven (John 6:58)

A beautiful hallmark of the Catholic faith is the profound desire to participate
in the Holy Mass and share in the Eucharist. We do so with deep gratitude and joy.
The Eucharist gives the Church her identity – “The Eucharist makes the Church,
and the Church makes the Eucharist.” It enables us to worship Almighty God,
to support each other on our journey of faith, and to be a visible sign of faith
in the world. This hallmark is supported and strengthened by the precept that
our fundamental Christian duty is to worship God by participating in the celebration
of Mass. Attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is the greatest of all privileges, sometimes referred to as “the Sunday Obligation.”

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, until the present time, we have shared
with you our judgment that the situation of the last two years has meant that the Sunday Obligation has been impeded and has needed to be fulfilled in other ways.
We thank God that this situation has now changed. The pressing challenges of
the pandemic have lessened significantly. Most people have resumed the wide range
of normal activities, no longer restricted by the previous Covid measures.
We therefore believe that the reasons which have prevented Catholics
from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation no longer apply.

We understand there will still be some members of our congregations who,
for reasons of health, do not feel safe enough to return to Mass.
It has always been the understanding of the Church that when the freedom
of any Catholic to attend Mass in person is impeded for a serious reason,
because of situations such as ill health, care for the sick or legitimate fear,
this is not a breach of the Sunday Obligation.

Our Catholic people and parishes have benefitted during these difficult times from
the online streaming of Mass and other services. “Virtual viewing” of Mass online
does not fulfil the Sunday Obligation. It may, however, be a source of continual
spiritual comfort to those who cannot attend Mass in person, for example those
who are elderly and sick, for whom the obligation does not apply. In this context,
we recognise gratefully the ministry of those who administer Holy Communion
to the elderly, sick and housebound.

We are grateful to our clergy, religious and lay faithful who have served our parishes, schools and communities with dedication and distinction throughout this pandemic. Now we look forward with renewed faith and confidence.  In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Lord’s Supper, the Lord Jesus entrusted to us the precious gift of Himself.


With humility, we glory in being a Eucharistic people for whom attendance at Mass
is essential. Looking forward to the forthcoming feast of Pentecost, we now invite
all Catholics who have not yet done so to return to attending Mass in person.

As the Church needs the witness of the presence of each person, so too each
believer needs to journey in faith and worship with their fellow disciples.
Nourished by our encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus, fed with His
Word and His Body and Blood in Holy Communion, and supported by
the presence of each other, we receive strength week by week,
to serve the Lord and glorify Him with our lives.

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Guidance for Communal Worship during the Pandemic Following the lifting of
Covid-restrictions it is not yet recommended that the chalice is shared at Mass.
The use of masks is no longer expected; however, whilst masks are now optional, 
we are still encouraged to use masks and hand sanitiser on entering the church. 
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At Mass we pray for all those living and all those who have died, including those whose faith is known to God alone. As well as our daily prayers for the dead, each November the Church takes time to remember those who have died, praying and offering Mass for the repose of their souls.  Following this tradition many request Masses for the Holy Souls and write down the names of
family and friends who have died in Lists of Remembrance.  Fr Adrian has especially remembered in prayer at every Mass
all those who died.
To request a Mass for the Holy Souls please scan the QR code,

click on this link
or drop an envelope into the Parish Office.  Thank you.


Prayers for the Divine Mercy

On the Second Sunday of Easter the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday.
The message of Divine Mercy is threefold.

It teaches Catholics to pray for Jesus’ mercy, to be merciful, and to completely trust in Jesus.
The chaplet of Divine Mercy is traditionally prayed on Fridays at 3 pm, the hour in which Jesus perished on the cross.
The Divine Mercy prayers are easy to follow and the Chaplet can be prayed on an ordinary Rosary
or on your fingers if you don’t have one. They can be found on the website

A particular way to listen to or join in the prayers is through a sung version
which can be found every day on or via