About the Church


For some years now, the parish has been fundraising in order to restore our beautiful church to something of its former glory. It is among the oldest Catholic churches in London, and with many historical associations.

Since 2014, our restoration project has seen the nave of the church repainted and re-floored, in a style more in keeping with its historic character. We have also had a whole new lighting system installed, including the striking coronas, which have been especially designed for our church.

As we enter 2016, work on the Sanctuary has now begun in earnest. The whole area round the altar is out of bounds while the contractors take up the old flooring, lay a new tiled floor, reset the High Altar an a new marble base, and install a new, larger tabernacle and surround. They will also be installing our ‘new’ pulpit (in fact a Victorian original, rescued from a church no longer in use). These changes will make the sanctuary a truly worthy place of worship and a fitting focus for our celebration of Mass each Sunday.

We still require more funds to complete this project, and to pay for stencilled decorative work, which will put the finishing touch on our work of restoration. If you would like to donate, please use the Paypal button below.

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Historical Photos

Unfortunately we possess few images of the church as it would have looked in the Victorian period. These old photographs, while faded, give some impression of the interior, which would have been richly patterned and decorated.

  • Here we see the church as it would have appeared when first opened in 1852. Although indistinct, one can make out the patterned floor tiles, and the coloured stencilling which covered much of the interior.

  • This interior view shows that even the roof was stencilled - some elements of which remain.

  • This photograph gives a glimpse of the High Altar and the original tabernacle. The tabernacle, which was sadly lost in the alterations of the 1970s, was the gift of Mr Jacob Montagu Mason, whose donation is still recorded on a plaque in the church.